Topics Of Interest

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These are topics and subjects that I personally find very interesting

and hope that you do as well.

They are not in any particular order.

I am constantly adding things so I hope that you check back.

    How Hitler Became a Dictator    Political Correctness: The Scourge Of Our Times

    The "Silverbird" Orbital Bomber

   Attacks and Threats on the United States in WW II

      The Great Patents Heist Of World War II

   The America Bomber

      Most Dangerous Recon Mission of World War II      "ULTRA"
       A History of Chemical & Biological Warfare

    Hitler's Atomic Bomb ?

    Why Truman Bombed Hiroshima

     "The most dangerous man in Europe"

    Did The Japanese Have The Atomic Bomb ?

    Secrets By The Thousand

      It Was A Fortress Coming Home     Vietnam War Resources
     Biographies      The Luftwaffe's Secret KG 200

     The National Aviation Hall Of Fame Enshrines

     American X-Planes
     P-38 Discovered On Beach July 2007      The Flying Tigers
     "Wrong Way" Corrigan      The Besler Steam Powered Airplane
     Captain Eddie The Ace Of Aces

     Aerodynamics and G Forces

     Who Broke The Sound Barrier First ?

     Advanced Fighter Tactics

     Area 51

     The Speed Of Sound

     The Air Force Memorial

     Air Force Gunships

     Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson

     Lockheed Skunk Works



     General Curtis E. LaMay      General "Hap" Arnold
     The Norden Bomb Sigtht      General Billy Mitchell
     A Rock In Iowa

     Evolution Of Fighter Tactics

     The XB-70 Valkyrie       The KC-135
     The Fastest Man On Earth       "P.O. Box 1142"
     The B-52      The History Of Flight Helmets
     The X-15      History Of Ejection Seats
     Chuck Yeager      The Paint Job!
     The Global Hawk      The Statue
     Thunderbirds Ejection & Cash      It Is The Veteran ...
     The Death Of Common Sense      The Black-Out Of 2003
     History Of Oxygen Systems      Patton's Real Speech To The Troops
     U. S. Military Rank & Insignia      America's Wars & Casualties
     The American's Creed      The Pledge Of Allegiance

     A First Hand Account Of The Doolittle Raid On Tokyo

     Creation Of The US Air Force
     History Of Flight Suites      History Of Ejection Seats
     The Man High Project      Glossary Of Air Force Terms
     Air Force Fighter Designations      Fighter Formations & Tactics
     Evolution Of Aircraft Insignia      Cardinal Rules Of Combat Flying
     Tomb Of The Unknown Soldiers      General John J. Pershing
     General Paul Tibbets      The Enola Gay
     The B-29      History Of The POW-MIA Flag
     A Century Of Flight      The Statue Of Liberty
     Mount Rushmore      The Wright Brothers
     The History Of Flight  ^


     Aurora Project      Richard I. Bong
     Air Force Awards, Medals, And Ribbons


     Who Did Break The Sound Barrier First ?

     The History Of Air Crew Survival Equipment

      The "X" planes

     Air Force Heraldry

      The Most Valuable Coin in the World      Hanna Reitsch
      Dr. Alexander M Lippisch       Aerodynamics
     The Bridges at Toko-Ri:  The Real Story      



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